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favicon.io free alternatives

List of free alternatives to favicon.io for developer. Find other service for favicon other than favicon.io. You can also find out what is favicon.io rival or favicon.io competitor in here.

👉🏽 favicon.io alternatives as a favicon tool

Are you looking for favicon.io alternative as a favicon tool? Here is the list of favicon.io's competitor or rival as a favicon service with their free offers.

Favicon & App Icon Generator VS favicon.io

Logo Favicon & App Icon Generator

Favicon & App Icon Generator

Convert PNG to ICO, JPG to ICO, GIF to ICO. Create favicon.ico and iOS / Android App Icons. Edit a favicon to fit your needs, or search our gallery.

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Complete favicon generator

Information about favicon.io

Logo favicon.io


The only favicon generator you need for your next project. Quickly generate your favicon from text, image, or choose from hundreds of emojis.

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