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Easypanel free alternatives

List of free alternatives to Easypanel for developer. Find other service for docker, paas, control-panel, server other than Easypanel. You can also find out what is Easypanel rival or Easypanel competitor in here.

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👉🏽 Easypanel alternatives as a docker tool

Are you looking for Easypanel alternative as a docker tool? Here is the list of Easypanel's competitor or rival as a docker service with their free offers.

Container Registry VS Easypanel

Logo Container Registry

Container Registry

A no frills Harbor based Container Registry Service for teams, individuals and Software Vendor looking for ways to distribute images instead of ZIP files..

Tag: container, container-registry, docker, storage

Free Offer:

1 GB free storage for unlimited private container images

👉🏽 Easypanel alternatives as a paas tool

Are you looking for Easypanel alternative as a paas tool? Here is the list of Easypanel's competitor or rival as a paas service with their free offers.

Free ASP.Net MVC hosting VS Easypanel

Free ASP.Net MVC hosting Offers Free web hosting for ASP.Net 4.8 4.7 4.6 4.5 4.0 3.5 2.0 ASP.Net Core MVC 5.0 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 Web Sites & MS SQL 2012 2008 2005 2000 Databases

Tag: hosting-dynamic, database, paas

Free Offer:

You can host .NET Core / Framework website, with MSSQL. These are the details: Forced advertising Storage capacity:150MB Monthly transfer:5GB/Month Web domains:1 ASP.Net 4.8/4.7/4.5/4.0/3.5/2.0 ASP.Net Core 3/5/6/7 AJAX 3.5/1.0 Silverlight MS Access Dedicated web application pool 1 x MS SQL Plan “Novice” MS SQL database size:30MB MS SQL log size:30MB Backup storage size:100MB

Qovery VS Easypanel

Logo Qovery


Qovery is a Platform to easily duplicate your infrastructure and create production-like environments in your AWS account; Compatible with all your AWS services!

Tag: deploy, cloud-platform, paas

Free Offer:

Deploy on your AWS account Unlimited Developers Up to 1 cluster Up to 5 Environments Preview Environment in one-click Community support (forum) $0 up to 100 deployments / month VS Easypanel


Fullstack Javascript Apps: Front-end, Backend, Database, Scheduled tasks. All running with zero-config.

Tag: api, database, serverless, hosting, storage, aws, hosting-dynamic, paas

Free Offer:

3 apps 100,000 API reqs/month 1GB memory/req 1GB Object Storage (AWS S3) 1GB Database Storage (AWS DynamoDB) Unlimited blazing fast builds 3 Cron tasks/app Global deployment

CapRover VS Easypanel

Logo CapRover


CapRover is an extremely easy to use app/database deployment & web server manager for your NodeJS, Python, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, WordPress (and etc...) applications!

Tag: paas

Free Offer:

✔ CLI for automation and scripting ✔ Web GUI for ease of access and convenience ✔ No lock-in! Remove CapRover and your apps keep working! ✔ Docker Swarm under the hood for containerization and clustering ✔ Nginx (fully customizable template) under the hood for load-balancing ✔ Let’s Encrypt under the hood for free SSL (HTTPS)

Dokku VS Easypanel

Logo Dokku


The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen. Dokku helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications

Tag: paas

Heroku VS Easypanel

Logo Heroku


Heroku is a container-based cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS). Developers use Heroku to deploy, manage, and scale modern apps. Our platform is elegant, flexible, and easy to use, offering developers the simplest path to getting their apps to market.

Tag: database, hosting-dynamic, paas

Free Offer:

No longer valid as starting Nov. 28, 2022, the company will stop offering free product plans.

👉🏽 Easypanel alternatives as a control-panel tool

Are you looking for Easypanel alternative as a control-panel tool? Here is the list of Easypanel's competitor or rival as a control-panel service with their free offers.

Virtualmin VS Easypanel

Logo Virtualmin


Virtualmin: Open Source Web Hosting and Cloud Control Panels

Tag: control-panel, hosting

Free Offer:

Open Source

👉🏽 Easypanel alternatives as a server tool

Are you looking for Easypanel alternative as a server tool? Here is the list of Easypanel's competitor or rival as a server service with their free offers.

YunoHost Apps VS Easypanel

Logo YunoHost Apps

YunoHost Apps

Organisation to ease managing YunoHost Apps development.

Tag: self-hosted, server

Free Offer:

Free self-hosted

Information about Easypanel

Logo Easypanel


Modern Server Control Panel - Manage your server without fighting the terminal. Server control panel based on Docker.

Tag: docker, paas, control-panel, server

Free Offer:

Developer Edition Free Forever Single User Unlimited Projects Unlimited Services Community Support