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Minikube free alternatives

List of free alternatives to Minikube for developer. Find other service for container-orchestration, kubernetes other than Minikube. You can also find out what is Minikube rival or Minikube competitor in here.

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👉🏽 Minikube alternatives as a kubernetes tool

Are you looking for Minikube alternative as a kubernetes tool? Here is the list of Minikube's competitor or rival as a kubernetes service with their free offers.

Microtica VS Minikube

Logo Microtica


Production-ready infrastructure and application templates to build solutions on AWS without ever opening the console.

Tag: hosting, aws, kubernetes, templates, infrastructure

Free Offer:

We provide the infrastructure. 1 Environment (on your AWS account) 2 Kubernetes Services 100 build minutes per month 20 deployments per month

Kubernetes VS Minikube

Logo Kubernetes


Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration engine for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Tag: container, kubernetes

Free Offer:

Open Source Container Orchestration

Portainer VS Minikube

Logo Portainer


Open Source Container Management GUI for Kubernetes, Docker, Swarm

Tag: container, kubernetes

Free Offer:

Open Source Container Management

Eclipse Che VS Minikube

Logo Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che

The Kubernetes-Native IDE for Developer Teams. Eclipse Che makes Kubernetes development accessible for developer teams, providing one-click developer workspaces and eliminating local environment configuration for your entire team.

Tag: ide, kubernetes

Free Offer:

Open Source

Information about Minikube

Logo Minikube


Tool that lets you run Kubernetes locally

Tag: container-orchestration, kubernetes