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SST free alternatives

List of free alternatives to SST for developer. Find other service for baas, devops other than SST. You can also find out what is SST rival or SST competitor in here.

Find complete alternative for SST at

👉🏽 SST alternatives as a baas tool

Are you looking for SST alternative as a baas tool? Here is the list of SST's competitor or rival as a baas service with their free offers.

AWS Amplify VS SST

Logo AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify

Accelerate your full-stack web and mobile app development with AWS Amplify. Easy to start, easy to scale. No cloud expertise needed. Powered by AWS.

Tag: aws, baas, database, hosting, hosting-dynamic, hosting-static, storage, authentication

Free Offer:

1 Year free Tier

Build & Deploy - 1000 build minutes per month

HOSTING: 5 GB stored per month 15 GB served per month

👉🏽 SST alternatives as a devops tool

Are you looking for SST alternative as a devops tool? Here is the list of SST's competitor or rival as a devops service with their free offers.

WhaleDeck VS SST

Logo WhaleDeck


The all-in-one docker manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The powerful GUI gives full control over docker without typing a single command.

Tag: docker-manager, docker, devops

Free Offer:

Up to two servers

Bytebase VS SST

Logo Bytebase


Safer and faster database change and version control for DBAs and Developers

Tag: database, devops

Free Offer:

Community support Schema and data change review workflow SQL Editor Database backup / restore IM integration (e.g. Slack, Discord and etc)

Lemon VS SST

Logo Lemon


AWS is like an airplane cockpit – you have to be an expert to use it. Lemon is more like your phone – intuitive, no manual needed. Fully customisable with Terraform. And it's free!

Tag: aws, devops

Free Offer:

3 services 1 environment ∞ functions ∞ webapp

Information about SST

Logo SST


Build modern full-stack serverless applications on AWS with Next.js, SvelteKit, Remix, Astro, Solid, and more.

Tag: baas, devops