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WhaleDeck free alternatives

List of free alternatives to WhaleDeck for developer. Find other service for docker-manager, docker, devops other than WhaleDeck. You can also find out what is WhaleDeck rival or WhaleDeck competitor in here.

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👉🏽 WhaleDeck alternatives as a docker tool

Are you looking for WhaleDeck alternative as a docker tool? Here is the list of WhaleDeck's competitor or rival as a docker service with their free offers.

Easypanel VS WhaleDeck

Logo Easypanel


Modern Server Control Panel - Manage your server without fighting the terminal. Server control panel based on Docker.

Tag: docker, paas, control-panel, server

Free Offer:

Developer Edition Free Forever Single User Unlimited Projects Unlimited Services Community Support

Container Registry VS WhaleDeck

Logo Container Registry

Container Registry

A no frills Harbor based Container Registry Service for teams, individuals and Software Vendor looking for ways to distribute images instead of ZIP files..

Tag: container, container-registry, docker, storage

Free Offer:

1 GB free storage for unlimited private container images

👉🏽 WhaleDeck alternatives as a devops tool

Are you looking for WhaleDeck alternative as a devops tool? Here is the list of WhaleDeck's competitor or rival as a devops service with their free offers.

Bytebase VS WhaleDeck

Logo Bytebase


Safer and faster database change and version control for DBAs and Developers

Tag: database, devops

Free Offer:

Community support Schema and data change review workflow SQL Editor Database backup / restore IM integration (e.g. Slack, Discord and etc)

Lemon VS WhaleDeck

Logo Lemon


AWS is like an airplane cockpit – you have to be an expert to use it. Lemon is more like your phone – intuitive, no manual needed. Fully customisable with Terraform. And it's free!

Tag: aws, devops

Free Offer:

3 services 1 environment ∞ functions ∞ webapp

Information about WhaleDeck

Logo WhaleDeck


The all-in-one docker manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The powerful GUI gives full control over docker without typing a single command.

Tag: docker-manager, docker, devops

Free Offer:

Up to two servers